The impact of cannabis use in teenage years on depression and anxiety

by | Dec 5, 2018

One key area I see more and more in private practice is people concerned as adults of the effects of significant cannabis use from early teens. One of the issues with cannabis is that it is seen as a minor offense drug which is linked to relaxation, yet, the strength of artificially manufactured cannabis is often several times stronger than the cannabis or weed around in the 60s or 80s.

This has a critical impact on the addictive qualities, and of course makes it more lucrative. The article below really highlights the concern of cannabis use in early teenage years, and critically because the brain and neuron connections are still forming and can be interrupted by the increasingly strong cannabis that is available today. In practice I am aware of concerns raised by parents and adults of the impact later in life.  In practice I see clients citing drug related consequences, including ; lack of impulse control, staying focussed, and chronic anxiety.

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