Modern therapy services
empowering personal freedom
Modern therapy services
empowering your personal freedom

Personal Resilience Coaching

A fusion of psychotherapy and leadership coaching techniques which focuses on enhancing personal resilience in leaders and teams to increase their confidence, decision making and skills. This work brings together my experience in leadership roles and clinical private practice, working with professionals. This work is delivered through either face to face work, online training and webinars.     

One of the things I feel passionate about is thinking about how to make therapy more accessible to people both in the way it is expressed and drawing on my experience in business and as CEO. Some people might not access therapy because they are not convinced, or they do not have the time to work every week with other life commitments. The personal resilience coaching offers clients in professional and management roles, practical tools and techniques, with minimal therapy language and jargon to gain greater perspective and practical tools to address specific issues. 

This coaching is suitable for managers and professionals seeking to increase their personal impact or for counsellors and therapists looking to build solution focussed tools to use within their practice.

The training will be delivered in North London or Bushey, Hertfordshire. 

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded



The training is structured either over 6 weeks and 60 minutes sessions each week or half a day workshops for max of 8 people. The training provides practical counselling and coaching tools to increase personal impact and drawing on the models of CBT and Transactional analysis.

This training is suitable for managers and professionals seeking to increase their personal impact or for counsellors and therapists looking to build solution focussed tools to use in their practice.

The training will be delivered in North London or Bushey, Hertfordshire.

Greater clarity and confidence

This training will take you through models to improve your confidence in how you present and communicate about yourself.

Techniques to increase your personal impact with greater assertiveness and importantly overcoming inner sabotaging thought patterns. This training provides a containing and reflective space in which I will guide you through my ‘building in space for growth’ model and together identify a range of qualities and resources you can draw upon to access greater choice to meet challenges in life.

Benefits of the training

  • How to ‘build space’ into your life so that you have greater capacity for refection and response to a situation and reduce impulsive of reactive traits.
  • Better understand your personal triggers and how this can be self destructive patterns as well as the drivers behind decision making or procrastination.
  • Understanding and build upon your ‘Inner leadership team’; techniques to access a broader range of inner qualities and skills so that with greater insight and increased clarity you have the freedom to live a more authentic life.
Chart Personal Resilience Training

Feeling more empowered to overcome life challenges

This training through half day work shop or 8 week training is designed to explore how you experience your sense of personal power in the world, and how you wish to enhance the impact you have in life.

The training will use personal exploration to help you better understand situations when you can feel dis-empowered and the consequences for this, or how to get started to tackle a new challenge. The training will explore provide techniques and tools to help you increase sense of self regulation and empowerment.

Benefits of the training

  • Enhanced self management tools – greater self awareness, personal motivation, self control and empathy are key learning objectives.
  • Better understand your personal dynamics in relationship with others and early scripts and messages from childhood that can create self sabotaging patterns in relation to accessing personal power.
  • Build assertiveness in communication and conflict handling. Introducing the parent, adult and child mode of communication, within the transactional analysis model (TA), with the aim to increase responses in situation from an adult to adult perspective. 
  • Build a medium life plan or map, visualising goals and blocks and so you can better articulate your life goals.

Reducing anxiety for leaders and managers

This engagement acknowledges the pressures on leaders and managers, and that the role can be a lonely place, and the stress of decision making and speed of work life. This training also allows participants to review competing commitments in leadership roles and how this impacts on personal well being, for example, from responsibilities to work and responsibilities to self, or how to build compassion and emotional intelligence within a culture of performance and results. 

The challenges of the task grow over time and demands on leaders to broaden skills and manage anxieties are important. Clients will better identity anxiety triggers or overwhelm and access greater inner resources to self-care and reduce anxiety levels. 

Benefits of the training

  • Understanding your personal history to anxiety; thinking, body experience and behaviours.
  • Drawing on CBT and the ABC model understanding our triggers, our beliefs or interpretation of this event and from this the consequences that can lead to distress.
  • Reducing distress levels through understanding competing commitments and how to respond to these. 
  • The training will also integrate exciting thinking from Neuroscience which helps us understand the flight, fight or freeze responses we have, and impact on personal anxiety.
  • Learning about the ‘inner leadership team’ model and through this self awareness broaden your access to both inner and outer support.