Modern therapy services
empowering personal freedom


My therapy work has a strong relational approach. A key belief of mine is that a principal driver for us in life is to improve the quality of our relationships, whether to ourselves, inner world, or how we relate to those around us. Our capacity to relate positively and develop more fulfilled relationships is a critical measure of human well-being. The aim is a core goal of my work.

A focus on my approach is to  balance the process of personal insight with access to practical tools, so client to get started and that positively experience progress and results early on and acknowledging that often the issue or crisis can be immediate in their lives.

I offer clients contemporary reading from authors who I find accessible and practical in their approach, to build resources between our sessions. This includes; Pia Mellody books on relationships and co-dependency, The Chimp Paradox by professor Steven Peters which provides an excellent guide to managing change and impulse control, and the Seven Habits of Effective People by Stephen Covey. 

My work is always forward looking and purpose driven, sometimes personal change can only happen not only once we have the insight to understand our purpose in a given situation, but also accept the conflicting commitments a challenge poses. Clients can decide on any tough choices to be made, yet with a compassion about what might be gained and loss through change. This enhanced personal and emotional resilience is the gift I believe therapy can offer.