Modern therapy services
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Modern therapy services
empowering your personal freedom

Interim Leadership, Consultancy and Coaching

Leadership that promotes robust working practices and stronger working relationships 

Creative Insight Consultancy Services Limited, provides part-time interim leadership and consultancy to businesses in the Healthcare and Wellbeing sectors. Focus includes; implementing successful change management programmes, design and development of commercial services, strengthening finance, governance and risk processes and developing management skillsets. Creative Insight Consultancy enables businesses to access affordable and focussed leadership, ad interim, typically for 1 or 2 days a week.

Personal experience and professional success

Between 2012 and December 2020 Robert worked as CEO at the Counselling Foundation (TCF), which is a provider of mental health counselling and training as well as IAPT talking therapies for the NHS. Robert professionalised the social enterprise, business processes and management team, and oversaw growth. The social enterprise expanded from 50 to 200 staff between 2012 and 2019 and to become a leading brand in the field of mental health counselling and accredited training. During 2013 and 2016 negotiated large IAPT contracts with the NHS which delivered 10,000 sessions a year to patients and developed innovative training services to enable people to enhance personal development. He successfully led the team to transition all business services to an online platform during the COVID pandemic and growing services and revenues to YE2020.

Late 2020 to date – Provision of Interim leadership and consultancy providing interim leadership to a growing Healthcare and Wellbeing enterprise in London to facilitate the next stage of exciting expansion, as well as ensure the charity is able to provide the suite of services online during 2021.

Since 2020 – Senior Associate Coach with Sonata Associates, coaching C-suite executives in fast growing private equity backed FinTech start ups with global reach, see

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Robert Cuming offers a psychology informed Executive & Leadership Coaching model for C suite professional and business leaders.  My model of working aims to sharpen personal resilience, professional relationship management skills and enhance the emotional intelligence.

Robert is a passionate advocate for leaders enhancing self professional relationships and success through building their emotional intelligence and personal resilience. As CEO at The Counselling Foundation, having built a professional and balanced senior management team, he understands the experience and challenge of business leaders growing successful teams.

Over the past 5 years he has provided psychology informed coaching for C suite leaders in both the technology, recruitment and fintech sectors, in both a personal capacity and currently works an associate coach with the SBC Group. The blend of hands on leadership skills and psychology accreditation, uniquely places Robert to work with Executives or their teams. Over the past 12 months he has provided wellbeing training for staff for organisations in technology such as Neyber, Clydesdale bank and Focusrite PLC.

This work is delivered through either face to face or online.

Robert and his team specialises in working with businesses leaders to enrich their personal effectiveness, communication and resilience skills to improve business outcomes. He achieves this through enhancing the client’s awareness of personal psychology and offering practical tools such as the systems approach to emotional intelligence for the work place and the Enneagram frame for leadership qualities.

Simone Cameron is a communication and strategy coach. She works with business leaders and executives with the aim of enhancing their business impact. Simone has worked for leading companies in senior communication positions and was director of her own technology company. She lectured for University of Hertfordshire in enterprise, marketing and employability.  Simone is a certified personal performance coach with NLP, using established coaching models such as GROW and the solution focused model OSKAR.

“Simone led us through a day of Presenting with Impact that was enlightening and challenging. I
realised that I could approach my presentation in a completely different way and was able to test it
out – with great approval from the team”
David, CEO, ProAction

The team combine a breadth of talent to inspire leaders and teams to further develop positive and optimistic relationships, communication and enabling confidence that benefits clients, colleagues and self.


“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded”



The coaching can be structured over a fortnightly or monthly structure for individuals. For groups a half day training can be  structured for a maximum of 8 people. This half day work shop training, Inspiring Stronger Relationships At Work Coaching methodology, provides practical counselling and coaching tools to increase personal impact and drawing on the models of CBT and Transactional analysis. It also allows people to work with others, and experiential group learning. 

Coaching can provide greater clarity in thinking and confidence in action

What makes our coaching work different is our aim to inspire leaders and teams to further develop positive and optimistic relationships, enabling confidence that benefits clients, colleagues and personal impact.  

Why a relationship focussed coaching model? When relationships are good within a business, people are more engaged at work and teams are more happy and effective. Research supports how strong relationships is a business critical factor to success. The Harvard Business Review survey 2019 across 160 industries concludes for Executives that strengthened relationships are central to their personal success.

Further, businesses that have a culture of nourishing relationships help to build a sense of purpose and well-being. Direct business benefits of enhanced relationships include facilitation of learning and knowledge sharing between teams, increased employee retention and improved organisation performance. These workplaces also have reduced levels of stress which can lead to cost savings through lost employee days at work and sick leave.

The coaching model provides more flexibility in the engagement which might suit individuals who have busy lives and are time poor. The work structure can be; fortnightly, monthly or within half day workshop sessions. 

Benefits of the coaching

  • POSITIVE SELF-AWARENESS; Identify strengths and relationship beliefs to overcome personal blocks to enhance personal impact and performance in work relationships. Understand how past relationships influence and inform our present relationships
  • RESILIENCE BUILDING understanding pressure points in work relationship situations. Develop tools and skills to build strength and confidence in working with customers and colleagues.
  • AWARENESS FOR LEADERSHIP understand and build upon your ‘Inner leadership team’; techniques to access a broader range of inner qualities and skills so that with greater insight and increased clarity you have the freedom to live a more authentic life.
Chart Personal Resilience Training

Inspiring Stronger Relationships at Work Coaching

This coaching model inspires and helps further develop positive and optimistic relationships, enabling tools and confidence that will make the individual more effective in the workplace and change that benefits key relationships at work, and make the business more effective.

This coaching approach brings together models from psychotherapy, neuroscience and coaching and allows the individual to transform relationships through better awareness and use of new practical techniques. Coaching will help you identify strengths and relationship beliefs to overcome personal blocks to enhance personal impact and performance in work relationships. Understand how past relationships influence and inform our present relationships.

Benefits of this coaching model

  • Better understand your personal dynamics in relationship with others and early scripts and messages from childhood that can create self sabotaging patterns in relation to accessing personal power.
  • Build assertiveness in communication and conflict handling. Introducing the parent, adult and child mode of communication, within the transactional analysis model (TA). How neuroscience helps better understand pressure and stress responses in work relationships and how to reduce pressure in relationships. 
  • Build a medium life plan or map for enhanced positive relationships , visualising goals and blocks and so you can better articulate your goals.

Executive Coaching 

This work seeks to build insight and awareness in leaders and managers, so that they can become more resilient when faced with pressures in the workplace. This coaching model focusses on reviewing competing commitments in leadership roles and how this impacts on personal well being, for example, from responsibilities to work and responsibilities to self, or how to build compassion and emotional intelligence within a culture of performance and results. 


Benefits of the coaching

  • Understanding your pressure and stress triggers. What beliefs or interpretations you will have of this event and the resulting consequences that can lead to distress.
  • Reducing distress levels through greater self awareness and understanding competing commitments. 
  • The training will also integrate exciting thinking from Neuroscience which helps us understand the flight, fight or freeze responses we have, and impact on personal anxiety.
  • Learning about the ‘inner leadership team’ model and through this self awareness broaden your access to both inner and outer support. How broadening the influences of the ‘inner leadership team’ this can facilitate greater choice and improve personal impact in the working world. 
  • Develop a personal resilience plan that also seeks to enhance balance in your life.