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empowering personal freedom
Robert Cuming

I offer an approachable range of professional therapy and self-development services that are accessible, down to earth, and focused on enabling greater personal empowerment and change in my clients. My work integrates my experience, skills and learning after 10 years as a leader and working as a psychotherapist. 


Personal inspiration in my work
At times of distress or potential change we might consider the ‘why’ of a challenge we face in our life. What inspires me is the direct experience I have witnessed over the years and how the process of talking therapies or self discovery training can initiate a deep personal awareness in a client and subsequently help unblock both potential and healing.

Clients I work with feedback that through their learning they can feel a greater personal freedom with the choices they face in their lives, whether they are a parent, a partner or an organisational leader. If your ‘why’ question is one that currently seems unclear, perhaps leaves you feeling fearful or energised to explore further, the services I offer could empower you on this journey.

Some professional influences
My work integrates arange of thinking and work from the creative depth psychotherapy work of Carl Jung, through to the psychological models from transactional analysis and more recently Neuroscience, especially when working with trauma. My personal resilient training has been developed from my work and feedback from professionals. I hope my resilience training brings learning to a new audience not necessarily seeking long term therapy but who wish to access practical self-development skills that would change their lives.

Work that I offer


Tailored therapy services from; relationship focussed therapy, therapy focussed for professionals, and specialist EMDR work for trauma.

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Tailored one to one or group training sessions designed to enhance personal understanding and build new skills.

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Experiential groups that allows for personal self development through accessing creative processes.

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Thank you for all your guidance and support and giving me the space to think, it helped me get through what was and is still sometimes a difficult time. Best wishes and thank you once again

Caroline, Media company UK