Resolutions tough to start, but harder to maintain

by | Dec 5, 2018

As we go into January many people will be armed with new resolution.  The article from Mental Health Organisation suggests that it is a real struggle to maintain change into the new year. However, MHO provides some really good practical tips to help you maintain a resolute approach.

My favourite one is to treat failure as a small set up. Many resolutions are set around changing habits that are deep set, and difficult to change! One key issue in any personal change is, we do not adopt a compassionate approach to set back and often will fall back on habits we wish to change.  This can often serve as a reward mechanism to set backs, and therefore the vicious cycle continues. Be mindful that habits are hard to change; embrace set-backs, its normal and part of the process of adopting and trying new challenges.

Read Mental Health Organisation article here