Modern therapy services
empowering personal freedom


Tailored therapy and counselling
in Berkhamsted and London; relationship focussed therapy, working with depression and anxiety and therapy focussed for professionals.

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Tailored one to one or group training sessions in Berkhamsted or London designed to enhance personal understanding and build new skills.

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EMDR for Trauma

Offering a powerful and rapid therapy technique in Berkhamsted, Watford and London, NHS approved, to relieve distress from trauma, phobias and PTSD.  

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Integrating leadership and executive experience to growing businesses and enterprises 

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I offer an approachable professional psychotherapy and coaching service, integrating my clinical training and practice, with my leadership experience as CEO in the wellbeing sector. I offer four key services; Individual psychotherapy, Couples Counselling, EMDR for trauma and anxiety and Interim Leadership. You can find out more about these above and in the about section. My aim is to help clients through therapy to achieve clarity and insight so that they can make better sense of their lives, feeling more empowered and with improved emotional resilience. As an accredited therapist with over 10 years’ experience, I integrate a range of talking therapies including Jungian therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis. I also provide EMDR, a treatment for trauma and PTSD informed by neuroscience, which is endorsed by NICE and used in the NHS.

I provide a therapy approach with is relationship focussed, in terms of what I draw attention to in the client’s world with others, as well as resolving conflicts and tensions within themselves. I offer face-to-face therapy and EMDR at practice offices in Notting Hill London,  Berkhamsted and Bushey. Alternatively, I work effectively via video conferencing (Zoom pro conferencing). My work appeals to a range of professionals and couples looking to address blocks to achieving personal goals, improve their relationship and enhance mental health. Many clients continue to find online therapy effective and provides people with the flexibility to access support, at the time they need it. I am able to provide concessions to clients seeking to work day time before 5pm or young people (aged between 18-25).

COVID 19 safe working – I am able to offer face to face working and within a COVID 19 secure environment at Berkhamsted. Please see more details in the contact section.

Contact me by email, or call me on 07888 754819 to find out more about how I can support you at this time.

How my services can make a difference to you  

I am uniquely positioned as a psychotherapist, having successfully worked with over a hundred professionals providing psychotherapy, relationship and psychology informed leadership coaching. My work is focused on building resilience and emotional intelligence to enhance effectiveness for executives. You can read some testimonials on this site. My goals in both therapy and coaching is to enhance your emotional resilience and feelings of empowerment, so that you can gain in confidence and experience greater wellbeing. If you are unclear whether therapy or counselling is right for you right now, or confused by what the process entails, you can email me at in confidence. I will respond within 24 hours and offer you guidance on the matter. At the initial consultation, you can find out more and then decide whether my services are right for you. 

My psychotherapy specialisms include Relationship Focussed Counselling for both individuals and couples. I have advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) with ‘Richman EMDR training’, an internationally recognised and accredited training. EMDR offers a cutting-edge technique which enables a timely reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and trauma. EMDR is both NHS and NICE approved. Read more about EMDR on this website and within services. I also have an advanced training in couples and psycho sexual training. My therapy and EMDR practice is based in Berkhamsted, Bushey and Notting Hill.

To find out more call me on 07888 754819.

Personal inspiration in my work

My 15 years of experience working in this field has affirmed my belief in how the process of talking therapies and self-discovery training can initiate deep personal awareness in clients, helping them to unleash their potential and take steps towards the process of healing. Read my about me section to find out more about the experiences and skills I bring to this role, including EMDR for clients presenting with trauma.

At times of distress or potential change clients arrive in for therapy or couples counselling experiencing distress or significant challenges in their life. In my couples work I draw from the work of Harville Hendricks and his IMAGO model. Clients often ask themselves ‘why’ they have  arrived at this place in their lives. Feedback from psychotherapy clients demonstrates that during and after our work together, they have approached the choices they face in their life with a sense of courage and greater personal freedom, whether in their roles as a parent, a partner or a leader. 

If you are asking yourself the ‘why’ question and find that life or particular experiences leave you feeling fearful, disconnected in your relationships, I offer services that can empower you with the necessary insight and courage in order to take the next steps on your journey. EMDR can provide fast results to resolve deep impact of post traumatic stress and trauma. If you are seeking counselling, therapy or coaching in Berkhamsted, Watford or Radlett you can call me on 07888 754819 or email to discuss how we might work together to help you positively move forward in your life.



Thank you for all your guidance and support and giving me the space to think, it helped me get through what was and is still sometimes a difficult time. Best wishes and thank you once again

Caroline, Media company UK, London 2017

I’ve been working with Robert for over a year and can honestly say he has significantly improved my mental health and quality of life. A former sceptic of therapy, I’ve come to realise that it’s one of the best investments I have ever made in my own personal development, relationships and well-being. Robert is incredibly effective at identifying and resolving the issues which underlie my personal challenges and counter productive behaviour. I have every reason to give Robert my highest recommendation.

Marcus, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Ireland 2018

It took me years to finally make the decision to meet a therapist. I had always associated therapy and counselling with illness, depression or abnormality. It turned out this could not be less true. Therapy with Robert enabled me to make sense of myself. I slowly began to take control of my own life and feel like a normal person; I wasn’t alone anymore.

Amie, Student 2017

I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciate the hard work you did with me to build resilience and get me more connected to my emotions and passions. Despite all the troubles of 2020 I had a very successful year, and a lot of that is down to the work you and I did together. I have finally found something I want to pursue for myself and it is now live!

Stephen software design manager and entrepreneur, January 2021